Nepal- Blend of Tradition and Novelty

NEPAL officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is in Southern Asia, between China and India. It covers total area of 143,351 sq km and its boundary is 2, 926 km long in total, bordered by China 1,236 km and India 1,690 km. It is a landlocked country. NEPAL is known for its beauty and it has its own cultures. Nepal is a land of superlatives and jaw dropping scenery. A trekker's paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world's great travel destination.

This Himalayan Kingdom straddles the world's highest mountain range and offers incredible outdoor recreation and Colorful culture in equally large doses. It has more than 70 Ethnic groups and more than 60 different languages are spoken in different parts of Nepal. Nepali is the National Language of Nepal. People practice several religion. Till now Hinduism and Buddhism have the largest population. Kathmandu is the capital, and Nepal has 30 million people.  
Nepal Profile: It is nonetheless one of the world's poorest country, and is struggling to overcome the legacy of a 10-year Maoist insurrection. Until Nepal became a republic in May 2008, it had been ruled by monarchs or a ruling family for most of its modern history in relative isolation. A brief experiment with multi-party politics in 1959 ended with king Mahendra suspending parliament and taking sole charge in 1962. Democratic politics was introduced in 1991 after popular protest, but was marked by frequent changes of government. The last king of Nepal, Gyanendra twice assumed executive power in 2002 and 2005. Maoist rebels waged a decade-long campaign against the monarchy, leaving more than 12,000 people dead and 100,000 people displaced according to UN figures. When King Gyanendra's direct rule ended under public pressure in April 2006,  the rebels entered talk with the parliamentary government on how to ended the civil war. A peace deal was agreed in November, although the Maoist continued to press for ablution of the monarchy. Parliament agreed to the condition in December 2007, and the Maoist emerged as the largest parliamentary party after elections in April 2008. Maoist rebels waged a decade-long campaign against the monarchy, leaving more than 12,000 people dead and 100,000 people displaced according to UN figures.

The monarchy was abolished a month later, and a Maoist-dominated government took offices in August. But political instability has plagued Nepal since the end of the civil war. Politicians have yet to agree on a new constitution- a key part of the peace deal with the Maoist-and are at odds over proposals to divide Nepal into states, along ethnic lines. Nepal has been at odds with neighboring Bhutan over the repatriation of thousands of Bhutanese refugees  of Nepalese descent who fled violence in Bhutan in the early 1990s.

Nepal has a flourishing tourist industry, but faces problems of deforestation and encroachment on animal habitats. Most of the population depend on a agriculture, and the UN estimates that about 40% of Nepalis live in poverty. Foreign aid is vital to the country, and Nepal is also heavily dependent on trade with neighboring India. Nepal is known for fine architecture, such as in Bhaktapur, a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE
 nepal beautiful scenic Himalayan range
Nepal is the Country of High Himalayas, Splendid Mountains, Wildlife and Diverse Cultures is a world itself. Nepal has a unique Landscape stretches from the pinnacle of Mt. Everest (8848 M) in the north to Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Gautama Buddha, in southern Terai where diverse human cultures and natural habitats can be found. Nepal is also a home of countless River, Glacial Lakes, Lakes, and Creeks with their common origin in the Himalaya. The great One-Horned Rhinos is perhaps the most enduring symbol of Nepal's rich biological heritage. Nepal is a paradise for bird lovers with over 646 species ( almost 8% of the world total ) of birds. Nepal also offers a wide range of climatic, geographic, and vegetation  variations according to the altitude. This wide variations has favored varieties of species of Flora and Fauna to thrive. There are many places around Kathmandu to see great mountain view and natural beauty.

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